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Workers are the most important resource for all businesses – and healthy, safe workers are productive workers. When factories implement effective Health and Safety (H&S) and occupational hygiene programs, they not only protect employees and reduce risk, but they also generate customer confidence and enhance their business reputation.

Beyou provides comprehensive H&S and occupational hygiene services to effectively protect workers from hazards in the workplace. We assist clients, of any size, in anticipating, identifying, evaluating and controlling exposures to a variety of chemical, physical and biological hazards. These services include the creation of programs and systems that are needed to maintain an efficient and effective H&S and occupational hygiene program.

Beyou provides a variety of project expertise, using our vast experience, in:

  • Exposure monitoring (e.g. solvent exposures, dust exposure)

  • Noise and vibration exposure evaluations

  • Investigation of mass occupational exposures and related illnesses

  • Job and machine safety analysis and risk assessment

  • Regulatory compliance audits

  • Hazardous materials management support

  • Exposure control recommendations

  • General indoor air quality

While Beyou regularly assesses the ‘typical’ factory exposures (example: solvents and/or noise), the team is often called upon to perform more in-depth investigations to discover unknown factors that may be impacting workers.

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